Services Offered by Newcastle Automotive Services

Every car needs proper maintenance to ensure it works as efficiently as possible and enjoys a long life. Regular servicing is vital to the continued health of your car. Servicing can save you money in the long run as many car issues can be diagnosed early and repaired before they become expensive problems.

We provide both minor and major services for all types of cars, so call and book today.

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General Car Repair & Maintenance

NAS use the latest diagnostic equipment to diagnose any fault that could impact the safety or performance of your vehicle

E-Safety Checks & Inspections

e-Safety checks, vehicle inspections, log book servicing & associated services in the heart of Newcastle’s CBD.

Motor Repair & Maintenance

Motor repair & engine diagnostic mechanic services from Newcastle Automotive Services are the best in town.

Tyres & Wheel Alignments

Newcastle Automotive Services can wheel align your vehicle and if necessary fit new tyres to bring your vehicle back to its new car feel.

Brakes & Suspension

Newcastle Automotive Services have brake repair equipment and tools that allows us to carry out work on all types of vehicles.

Clutch Repair & Replacement

Is your clutch slipping? Not working properly? Full clutch repair & replacement services are offered by Newcastle Automotive Services.

Air Conditioning, Service & Repairs

Newcastle Automotive Services are licenced air conditioning technicians. Newcastle Automotive Services only use

Vehicle Electric & Battery Services

Newcastle Automotive Services only use Exide batteries as we find they last longer and hold their cranking amp longer than other brands.

Computer Servicing & Repair

If you have your car computer systems serviced at Newcastle Automotive Services your new or existing car warranty will not be affected.

Exhaust & Muffler Repairs

Exhaust & Muffler Repairs & Installations. Contact Newcastle Automotive Services today and book in for your repairs.

Oil Change & Lubrication

Newcastle Automotive Services will help maintain that new car feel and maintain good fuel economy

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